Restoration of all types of vehicles.

Our company offers you the PICK-UP service, the removal and delivery of your vehicle to your home (on trailer)

Our workshop will undertake to make a restoration of oldtimers of very high quality.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of all repairs, we only use original or handmade replacement parts in our workshop.

At any time, you can visit our workshop to follow your restoration project.

The restoration will be documented with photos so that you can follow the different steps.

Our STEP BY STEP restoration in 10 steps:

  1. Dismantling of all body parts
  2. Preparation and mechanical repairs if necessary
  3. Stripping of the bodywork in a chemical bath
  4. Anti-rust treatment (chemical bath)
  5. Bodywork repair, possibly welding work
  6. KTL - special bath
  7. Preparation of undercoat and paint
  8. Polishing and paint finish
  9. Assembly/adjustment of removable parts
  10. Final finish

Vehicle restoration, blank assembly for sheet metal adjustment, aluminium-forming