Repairs of all makes

5 year warranty on all repairs

Repair of all types of vehicles.

To guarantee our customers the highest quality on all repairs, we only use original replacement parts for your vehicle.

Hail damage (DSP)

Repair by advanced technique, without touching the original paint! With this technique, hail damage and door dings can be repaired. In short, all small dents, where the paint has remained intact, can be repaired.
And repairing without paint means lower costs and shorter repair times for you!


  • From slight denting to restructuring the vehicle on the straightening bench.
  • Straightening on marble with template. Spanesi TOUCH electronic measuring system
  • Aluminium specialisation

GFK - Non-ferro

  • Carbon, Kevlar, Polyester


  • 3D geometry adjustment
  • Adjustment of cameras, brake assistance
  • Repair of electrical circuits


From fitting to complete painting.

  • Repainting, preparation of the undercoat.
  • Use of paint systems low in harmful substances.
  • Painting of all substrates.

Design Painting


The Spot-Repair method is a partial painting of an element.

Grinding and polishing

Wheel painting and repair

We offer a range of services for the restoration, repair and painting of car wheels.